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Water Chlorination Old Hill

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Here at WT Services we offer a vast range of water chlorination services. We carryout these works of hospitals, schools, universities, factories and commercial properties, to name but a few.

Water chlorination is used to cleanse water systems of bacteria such as e-coli and coliforms, and in many circumstances legionella. Chlorination’s are most commonly carried out as part of a water system hygiene programme.

Sediment from water mains and old pipework collects in storage tanks, providing an environment for bacteria to grow. In other circumstances a high bacteria count may recorded, leading to a water chlorination of the tank and hole system.

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The two most popular methods are tank feed gravity chlorinations and direct injection. The gravity method uses the existing storage tank to supply chlorinated water to the system. On completion of the works, the tank is again used to flush the chlorinated water out of the pipework.

The direct injection method uses a mixing drum and portable pump set to pump pre-chlorinated water through the system. On completion mains cold water is used to purge the system of chlorine. Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorine Dioxide can both be used for each of these methods.

Chlorine dioxide has a much higher success rate when removing the legionella virus. Our technical department will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the above number.

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