Epoxy Coatings Old Hill

Epoxy Coatings Old Hill

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Our epoxy coatings are available in a large selection of colours to match any environment. This product is one of the current market leaders in water tank coating and corrosion control projects. This system is ideal for over coating grit blasted surfaces or repaired areas. Due to this products surface tolerant property, grit blasting is not essential. A good surface preparation, removing loose rust and debris followed by wire brushing, should suffice. A minimum two coat system is recommended for submerged surfaces.

We have used this product for numerous sprinkler tank refurbishment projects throughout the UK. Our epoxy coatings have excellent coverage rates, and cure to form a solid waterproof barrier. Water Tanks and Services largest coating contract was carried out on the Isle of Man. We carried out the conversion of a heavy oil storage tank, to store clean boiler feed water. This involved the grit blasting and coating of a one million gallon vessel at Pulrose Power Station.

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Our epoxy coatings carry full DWI certification meaning they are ideal for potable water applications. A full range of alternative coatings are stocked including acrylics, polyurethanes, bitumen, tar and solvent free coatings.

Most coatings are an on the shelf item, with a next day stocking for out of stock items. Delivery of our paint products are generally on a next day basis to most areas of the UK. For information on stock levels or to place an order, please call our sales line.



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