Byelaw 30 Kits Old Hill

Byelaw 30 Kits Old Hill

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We have been supplying bylaw 30 kits to the maintenance industry for over twenty years. Purpose made kits or individual items such as insulation, lids, screens, vents and breathers can all be supplied. Our bylaw 30 kits are ideal for small one piece tanks up to large multi sectional reservoirs. We stock a large range of water tank insulation including rigid slabs and flexible rolls.

A selection of accessories including silver tape, pins, gloves and adhesives are stocked for this product. Insect and rodent screens are manufactured in our workshop to suit any size and type of pipework. We can supply fittings to connect these items to copper, steel and plastic pipework.

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A universal connector is also stocked which will allow you to connect screens to any type of pipe. We also manufacture a fully bylaw compliant water tank lid which can be installed to any type of tank. These lids can be manufactured in any size of panels to suit your access requirements.

Lids are manufactured from rigid polypropylene sheet to ensure durability and strength. Lids can be manufactured to suit any shape or size of tank. Access panels can be installed for tank over 1000 litres.

We stock a full range of insect and rodent screens and vents up to 100mm, with above sizes available within 2 – 3 days. To check current stock levels or arrange a delivery, please call our customer services department on the number above.



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We look forward to assisting you with your water tank enquiries. If you have any questions please call us today on: 0845 505 2540 to find out more.

We install, maintain and repair a wide variety of water tanks and storage systems.

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